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Beyond Compliance

Global-Mark aims to provide a complete suite of programs that delivers trust and confidence.

Our ability to offer such an extensive array of programs within an integrated audit/assessment or review is aimed at removing duplication, to save time, resources and money. We understand that the outcome of our work is aimed at building confidence, and to do so, we must be independent, thorough, professional, competent and fair.

We wish to be rigorous in our assessments and transparent in our decisions. We will be part of the solution and believe that informed performance is built on sound systems, commitments and processes. Each Global-Mark client is treated with the same process and rated on the same scale.

Our Commitment

Global-Mark will work with integrity, diligence and transparency, to build and maintain trust, confidence and respect for our clients, our team, our community and other stakeholders.

We will deliver quality services punctually, competitively and accurately.

We will only issue Certificates of Approval once we can satisfy that all aspects of the standards are fully and consistently met and comply with our accreditation and regulatory requirements, internal systems, and community expectations.

Client Charter

Service Commitment
Global-Mark will listen to your views, understand your systems and processes, then make an informed decision. We will not have any pre-conceived ideas, and will always make our judgements technically logical, transparent and independent of others. We care for your success, for your products & services and for your clients, to help build a long term relationship. We are determined to reduce risks and improve outcomes and will treat you, your team and stakeholders with consideration and respect. We publicise the achievement of your certification(s), while confidentiality of your operations, processes and products is always maintained.

Organisation Commitment
Global-Mark keeps its clients informed of new certification programs, standards (including updates) and related compliance issues. Client Managers are also informed of new management trends/programs so they can discuss these with you.

We ensure that our certification trade-mark(s) are and remain a symbol of independence, credibility & confidence and are used correctly and do not mislead the market.

As our client, you always have the right to disagree. You may request for a second opinion from an independent Global-Mark representative. If you do not agree with the second opinion you have the right to appeal, and be heard by an independent appeals council.

We expect our clients to be honest and make available and report to us, information which could affect our certification/accreditation decisions. They must comply and continue to comply with the Standard(s) listed on their certificate(s), the use of Marks and the Terms and Conditions of our agreements. They must not bring Global-Mark, our profession, our people or our officers into disrepute and must respect our needs and requirements to do our job thoroughly and with due care.

Mission and Vision 

Our mission

To help our community through our clients

To build steadfast relationships

To add value continually

We value

Our clients, our team, our community

The team over the individual

Integrity, diligence and competence to avoid putting others at risk

What we believe in

We believe in what we do

We believe in our team

We trust each other

We work for each other

We only take assignments that we can handle

We are not here to come second, but we are gracious losers

We see a person in a client, not a client in a person

Confidence with commitment

To deliver punctual, quality services

To be fair, independent and unbiased

To maintain absolute confidentiality

To comply with accreditation requirements

To exceed community expectations

How we will act

We will respect our clients and their representatives

We will listen, understand, test, evaluate, and then make judgement

We will only work within the limits of our individual competencies and knowledge.

If we take an assignment, we will complete it to the best of our ability,

or not at all

We care

As individuals we value

Our place in the eyes of our clients and stakeholders

The development of our skills

The sharing of knowledge, the exchanging of ideas

Our place within our community

Professional conduct and ethical behaviour

Safe, sustainable, successful solutions to day-to-day problems

The quest to continuously improve

Working with Global-Mark

Global-Mark is different, and this is reflected in our structure, culture, systems and our approach. The certification market is traditionally represented by conventional and conservative organisations and people. Global-Mark wants to be different, and wants our clients to benefit from this difference.

If you would like to work with Global-Mark and believe you agree with our philosophy,and suit our team, please contact us.

Global-Mark is Equal Opportunity Employer

It is our policy to provide equal opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, colour, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, military or veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by law.

This policy also prohibits employees from harassing any other employees for any reason including, but not limited to the above mentioned.

Global-Mark is an equal opportunity employer and intends to comply with all State and Commonwealth legislation, specifically:

– Racial Discrimination Act
– Sex Discrimination Act
– Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act
– Disability Discrimination Act
– Age Discrimination Act
– Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act
– Applicable Local Legislation and State Government Acts

We believe that equal opportunity is about looking after our team members and potential team members: our most valuable assets.

We will treat everyone equally in a fair and transparent manner. We also have grievance and complaints processes which will accept, process, investigate and if necessary take remedial action.

All complaints or grievances must be presented in writing to either the Managing Director, Customer Service Manager or Chair of the Advisory Council. Breaches to policy will not be accepted.

Impartiality Policy

Global-Mark is an independent certification body.
We take very seriously any conflict of interest (actual or perceived) and are committed to remaining impartial, in our assessment, audits, decision and other certification related activities. Whilst we have internal systems and processes to confirm the lack of, or manage conflict of interest, we also rely on the public, clients and stakeholders to report instances where our impartiality may have been compromised.

Global-Mark Undertakings

Global-Mark will not:
– Offer certification when relationships that threaten impartiality cannot be eliminated or minimised.
– Certify a client when the company relationship with a management systems consultancy poses an unacceptable threat to impartiality.
– Accept to outsource reviews/audits to a management system consultancy organisation.
– Undertake internal audit on behalf of or for clients seeking certification

Global-Mark will:
– Ensure that no marketing is linked to management systems consultancy (either from Global-Mark or from the management consultancy firm).
– Ensure all clients, and Global-Mark representatives have the right to make representation to the Advisory Council should they have concerns about Global-Mark’s governance processes.

Pro Bono Policy

Global-Mark values its part and role in the community. As part of this, we also want to give and support organisations that work for the good of our society. Our policy is that we will work with organisations that we see as needing particular financial help, and are involved with the less privileged of our society, either at cost (i.e. no profit), or at zero cost (free).

There is a limit to our ability to service such clients, and each case should be presented, reviewed and agreed to on a case by case basis by our Advisory Council. The Advisory Council members will make its decisions based on the recommendations of management. Global-Mark’s pro-bono clients and our involvement is reviewed annually.

To access our pro-bono services, you need to make a representation to a Client Manager, Customer Service Manager or any of Global-Mark’s ambassadors.

Privacy Policy

At Global-Mark we respect our client’s privacy. Please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Feedback & Complaints

Global-Mark encourages stakeholders to provide us with feedback – positive or negative. Any client, potential client or third party can provide feedback or lodge a complaint against the services, decision or representative of Global-Mark.

Complaints should be lodged in writing (email, fax or letter) and should include the originator’s details and be signed, so we can contact the complainant and clarify, investigate and notify her/him of the outcome. If the complainant is unable to lodge a complaint in writing, Global-Mark will try to assist them to provide their feedback as necessary.

Complaints will be acknowledged by Global-Mark and processed according to our internal process (MSP24).  The process involves documenting the complaint in the CorrectIT database, acknowledging the complaint to the client, short term action, investigation and action to prevent re-occurrence, and formal closure of the complaint once all actions have been taken.

How to make a complaint – Easy English 

If you are not happy with our services you can make a complaint.

You can make a complaint by giving us a call.

Or you can send us an email or a letter.

We will listen to your concerns. We will try to help you and fix your problem.

We want all our clients and their clients to be happy with our services.