Congratulations Total Waste Management in Papua New Guinea

Joanne Hurst Client Success

Total Waste Management, Papua New Guinea, Bidili Site has achieved 1500 “Hurt Free Days” and Heide Site achieved 1000 “Hurt Free Days”.

A “Hurt Free Day”  is a day with No Loss Time Injury, No Medical Treatment and No First Aid Treatment defined by the client, International Oil and Gas Company.

The company is providing waste management service to leading International Oil and Gas Company at the Papua New Guinea processing plants. Services provided are managing water and sewage treatment plants, purification of used lubricant, Incineration of solid waste and land fill. The company also provides waste collection services to the local council.

Although the company operations have high risk activities, support from management and commitment from staff made this milestone achievement.

The company is a PNG National Company and Global-Mark certified the Quality, Safety and Environment System since 2015.

Total Waste Management was recently awarded a contract to provide waste management services to an international Joint Venture Oil and Gas Company.